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About KPOPChanted

This site will no longer be updated. We’re sorry!

What is KPOP Chanted?

Basically, it is new site for Kpop, hence the name.

This site is mainly dedicated to Kpop songs and of course, Jpop songs, courtesy of my otaku-side.

Basically, it is just another site which offer lyrics to Kpop and Jpop songs. And unfortunately, I don’t hold anything distinguishing my site from others who give the same. Let me just say, this site is an extra source to our chanting of enchanting songs. This site won’t give the latest gossip you want to hear from our favorite singers.

I intended this site to be for SHINee only but I realize, aside from SHINee, I like other groups too. Super Junior. Girls Generation. f(x). KARA. B2ST. Big Bang. And many more.

And yeah, the banner is always changing. I like constant change, lemme say.


Lyrics credits goes to whom they are properly due. For Hangul, I get them from or and for Kanji, I get mostly of them from littleoslo. Romanizations are done by me, except otherwise stated.

Requests for songs lyrics

I only put song lyrics for songs which fancies my interest as of the moment, not those songs that are popular as of the moment. (So you will probably see a song that were popularized way back before the Hallyu wave started hitting around the globe). So I will also give a page where you can put your ask for lyrics and I’ll try my best to put it in here. (I have a knack of finding those ‘hard-to-find’ lyrics, you know:) .)

For Korean song lyrics, here.

For Japanese song lyrics, here.

For Chinese song lyrics, here.

Thank you very much.

With lots of love,



5 thoughts on “About KPOPChanted

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ i like it, wow..
    hanya itu yang saya bisa omong ..

  2. I was looking for Taemin’s lyrics when i found your site..and i was so delighted when i was greeted by Taemin’s bright smile up there..your so generous and hardworking..resourceful as know God will always bless people like you..thank you so much for sharing..may God give you more power.. ellieflair Hwaiting!