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Perfectly Charming SHINee (매력만점 샤이니) – SHINee

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Perfectly Charming SHINee (매력만점샤이니)


[Jonghyun] mwo hana ppajiji anhneun SHINee
hajiman mothaneun geotdo manhjyo
yereul deureo ([Key] Lip sync)
yeneunggamdo jero
([Key] Lee Onew ppaego x3)

[Taemin] gasado sseugo
hwaeumdo jal matgo
seukinido jal eoullijiman
([Taemin] Lee Onew ppaego)
([Key] Lee Onew ppaego
Lee Onew ppaego, neon ppaego)

[Onew] abeoji dangshineun
sesangbicheul boge haejusyeotjyo
saranghaneun beobeul galchyeo jusyeotjyo
([Key] Lee Onew yeokshi x3)

([Key] Lee Onew yeokshi
Lee Onew yeokshi, neon yeokshi)
([Taemin] Onew yeokshi)

[Jonghyun] SHINee doesn’t lack in anything
But there is still a lot more that we can’t do
For example ([Key] Lipsync)
And zero variety skills
([Key] Minus Lee Onew x3)

[Taemin] We write lyrics well
Harmonize well
And look good in skinny jeans
([Taemin] Minus Lee Onew)
([Key] Minus Lee Onew
Minus Lee Onew, minus you)

[Onew] Dad, you let me
See the light of the world
You taught me how to love
I love you
([Key] As expected from Lee Onew x3)

([Key] As expected from Lee Onew
As expected from Lee Onew, as expected from you)
([Taemin] As expected from Onew)

[종현] 뭐 하나 빠지지 않는 샤이니
하지만 못하는 것도 많죠
예를 들어 ([Key] 립씽크)
예능감도 제로
([Key] 이온유 빼고 x3)

[태민] 가사도 쓰고
화음도 잘 맞고
스키니도 잘 어울리지만
([태민] 이온유 빼고)
([Key] 이온유 빼고
이온유 빼고, 넌 빼고)

[온유] 아버지 당신은
세상빛을 보게 해주셨죠
사랑하는 법을 갈쳐 주셨죠
([Key] 이온유 역시 x3)

([Key] 이온유 역시
이온유 역시, 넌 역시)
([태민] 온유 역시)

translation credit : kimchi hana @

Author: mint ♪

Fandom: SHINee, anime, writing short stories and poems, hidden objects games, listening to music...

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