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Request Cpop lyrics here

You can ask any Chinese/Mandarin/Taiwanese songs lyrics this site is now missing. I will be grateful if you can give translation or romanization. I will also be grateful if you can tell me a little more info about the song lyrics requested aside from the usual title and singer only. I just can’t promise that I will be able to put it up immediately and I also can’t promise that I will be able to put up all lyrics requests so I am asking forgiveness from those whom I can not do a favor.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Request Cpop lyrics here

  1. hi, if you can…could you post lyrics by Jacky Xue Zhiqian? the songs i need lyrics for him are 伏筆 Fúbǐ , 我終於成了別人的女人 Wǒ zhōngyú chéngle biérén de nǚrén, 楚河漢界 Chu héhàn jiè, 几个你 (Jǐ gè nǐ), and 我们爱过就好 (Wǒmen àiguò jiù hǎo)..they’re all from his most recent album “Several Of” …if you don’t have can download it here. thanks for your help ^ w ^

  2. I’d like to know the romanization of Lollipop F – We’ll go together from Dance. Thaaaanks 😀