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Request Kpop lyrics here!

You can ask any Korean songs lyrics  this site is now missing. I will be grateful if you can give translation or romanization. I will also be grateful if you can tell me a little more info about the song lyrics requested aside from the usual title and singer only. I just can’t promise that I will be able to put it up immediately and I also can’t promise that I will be able to put up all lyrics requests so I am asking forgiveness from those whom I can not do a favor.

Thank you.


73 thoughts on “Request Kpop lyrics here!

  1. Can i rquest kim kyung ho’s hearthless lyrics? Thanks in advance

  2. Hello
    I am desperately in need of someone to translate this song by The Cross, “Leave,dont leave”. please and thank you!

    이제 더 이상 날 보지 말아요
    날 안아줄 수 없는 거라면
    이제 그만 뒤돌아서 나를 떠나가줘요
    뒷모습만이라도 보게 해줘요
    하루에 한번쯤 너를 생각하겠지
    그 한번이 스물네 시간일거야
    시간이 지나면 널 잊을 수 있겠지
    내 모두를 잊은 채 살아가겠지
    떠나가요 떠나지마요 내소중한 사람
    내겐 누구보다 더 소중한 그대니까요
    마지못해 눈 꼭감은채 소릴 질러요
    안녕 이젠 안녕 내 소 중한 사람

    그대 손을 잡던 그날부터 생각했어요
    보내진 정말 힘들거라고
    알아요 알아요 이젠 나도 알아요
    이만 이손 놓고 그댈 보내야죠
    아파서 아파서 그대 너무아파서
    마음으로 잡은 손 놓지 못해
    떠나라고 떠나가라고 거짓말하고
    눈물 흘리는 내맘은 그댈 잡고있죠
    사랑했다고 잘가라고
    거짓말하고 맘속으론 소릴질러요 사랑한다고
    언제나 그대 행복해야 하니까
    보내야죠 그댈 사랑하니까
    떠나가요 떠나지마요 내 소중한사람
    내겐 누구보다 소중한 그대니까요
    마지못해 눈꼭감은채 소릴 질러요
    안녕 이젠 안녕 내 소중한사람

    떠나가요 떠나지마요 소중한 사람
    제겐 누구보다 소중한 그대니까요
    마지못해 눈꼭감은채 소릴질러요
    안녕 이젠 안녕 내 소중한사람

    Please can you email me? Thanks again!

  3. PLSSSS … HEARTLESS BY KIM KYUNG HO.. I want to sing his songs…… pretty plss?.

  4. Hi can i ask the english lyrics of heartless. I love the music….

  5. Please write the lyric of shin yong jae’s song from his new mini album empathy, the title of the song is pulse,, please

  6. hello, could you translate Jo Seung Woo’s Fowers Bloom and Fall please?

    나 이제 가려 합니다
    아픔은 남겨두고서
    당신과의 못다한 말들
    구름에 띄워놓고 가겠소

    그대 마음을 채우지 못해
    참 많이도 눈물 흘렸소
    미안한 마음 두고 갑니다
    꽃이 피고 또 지듯이

    허공을 날아 날아 바람에 나를 실어
    외로웠던 새벽녘 별들 벗삼아
    이제 나도 떠나렵니다

    이렇게 우린 서로 그리워하면서도
    마주보고 있어도 닿을 수 없어
    왜 만날 수 없었나요

    행여 당신 가슴 한 켠에
    내 체온 남아 있다면
    이 바람이 흩어지기 전
    내 얼굴 한번 만져주오

  7. Can you please translate Choi Sam’s Enemy? Unfortunately, I can’t find romanization nor hangul. I feel goosebumps everytime I’m listening to this song and I will be very grateful if I’ll know the english lyrics.

  8. I don’t know if I too late now, I just want a lyrics song from lee haeri davichi – that only is my world, thanks

  9. Can you please translate Seo In Guk’s “Seasons of the Heart”

  10. Can you find the title and lyrics of this song?
    been looking for info all these time but couldn’t find anything

    • Hi! So sorry for the late response. :[
      The title of the song is Reminiscence Overture by SID Sound.. I will add the lyrics later

      Edit: Here is the lyrics – [Reminiscence Overture]. No translation yet… That will prolly take time as I don’t have time to translate lyrics yet T^T

  11. Can you please sub Day by Day – Won Jong Chan?

  12. Cold Wind (바람이 참 매섭다)
    Loveholics – 바람이 참 매섭다 (The wind is
    so vicious)
    title: 바람이 참 매섭다 (play Whale) [The
    Wind is so Vicious (play Whale)]
    artist: Loveholics
    album: In the Air
    track number: 2
    꽃이 또 진다 바람이 분다
    Flower withers again wind is blowing
    이번에도 여지없이 차갑다
    Again it is brutally cold
    그때도 지금도 같은 일야
    Then or now it’s still the same thing
    여전히 또 낯설다
    Still unfamiliar
    하루종일 날 퍼붓는 이 비가 멈출때까지
    Until this rain falling on me all day
    또 한번 견뎌본다 바람이 참 매섭다
    I try holding out once more the wind is
    so vicious
    꽃은 또 핀다 계절은 돈다
    Flower blooms again the seasons change
    지나보면 아무것도 아니다
    When passing it’s nothing
    같은말 아무리 되뇌여도 솔직히 나 무섭다
    Same words no matter how many times
    I replay it truthfully I’m scared
    시간속에 날 맡긴 채 이 비가
    Putting myself in time’s hands this
    멈출때까지 너무도 아름답던 추억이 참 매섭다
    Until it stops the memories that were
    so beautiful is now vicious
    시간속에 날 맡긴 채 이 비가 멈출때까지
    Putting myself in time’s hands until
    this rain stops
    또 한번 견뎌본다 바람이 참 매섭다

  13. hello, can i request Heartless by Kim Kyung Ho lyrics? it will meant so much and i will absolutely appreciated it. thank you ❤

  14. Can you please add Peppertones ft. Oksang Dalbit – Campus Couple? And its translation if possible. Thank you very much!

  15. Can u give me the lyrics of trot lovers by Jung eunji as choi chun hi in ep.1 with her sister choi byul.
    Thanks in advance…^_^

  16. Can you pls add exo moonlight lyrics? Thanks

  17. Can you please upload lyrics of this song – Tada kimi dake o by Lee Se Jun (Winter Sonata Anime Ending theme) Please …i hav been searching for lyrics since very long time ..please

  18. Cn u pls add the one HOMME & Son seungteon sang on immortal songs 2 that is Can’t find Nightingale & Nice Saturday night

  19. Hello! Can I request 비엔알 – 흔들렸어(Feat. 산체스)? It would mean so much for me if you could translate this song! Thank you!

  20. Hello, can i request… Could you translate Fiestar – Hey Lolly Lolly (Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes) from their third single Curious… I really want this song and i can’t find any translation of the song… Thank you in advance and thank you for your hardwork~~~ FIGHTING~!

  21. ze:a’s Dear please do not change on immortal song please?

  22. I’ve been looking for a site like this all over! Finally found it!
    I would be grateful if you can do the song :the one i can’t let go” by onew~ :3 (i don’t know if its already there, but i dont think it is.
    I can’t find the lryics anywhere! So once again, i would be grateful if you could… ❤

  23. hello!~
    Can you please translate > Simon D – Lonly Night ?

  24. Hello! May i ask you to add lyrics Thunder (MBLAQ) “Blaq Cat” and Mir “Watch Me Go Crazy” @THE BLAQ% TOUR
    Thank u!

  25. Hello! Can you translate this song please?

    Thank you!

  26. Can you help me with lyrics romanizations and translation of this songs :

    Moon Myung Jin – Not Just Sadness (Original Song : Sun Flower)

    Moon Myung Jin – Standing in the Shade of Roadside Trees (Original Song : Lee Moon Se)

    Moon Myung Jin – Until The Morning Brightens (Original Song : Deulgukhwa)

    Moon Myung Jin (with Honey Family) – There is None Like You (Original Song : Lee Seung Chul)

    Moon Myung Jin – I Will Not Sing a Sad Song (Original Song : JO Duk Bae)

  27. this is the song..please..i really love this song .. 😥

  28. erm.. i want to request lyrics FINALLY IN ITS PLACE by JUNG SEUL GI please..please…please… i really love this song but i dont know the lyrics… begging you 😥

  29. Can you please find the lyrics and translation for ‘ Pain ‘ KK ft Gavy NJ’s Jenny pretty please C;

    Thanks ^^

  30. ~I LIKE K POP..
    god job oppa. saranghaeyo forever.. hehe ol- ol- ol-


  32. can u pls pls translate and provide the lyrics for miss $ he’s not your man… here’s d youtube link to dis song…
    I tried searching everywhere but there’s no lyrics nor translations available.. hope u can do it… thx… =D

  33. Thank you! 😀

  34. Hello! Can you translate Guckkasten’s Vitriol? I find it hard to understand this song and there’s no translation found anywhere… here’s the lyrics! :
    thank you in advance!:)

  35. Monni – Forever in my heart

  36. SHINee – Senorita
    SHINee – Graze
    SHINee – In my room
    SHINee – Talk to you
    SHINee- Forever or never
    Shinee- Please dont go
    please!! Thank you! 😀

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  38. Jay Park – Aemo (Affection) lyrics & tranlations.

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